ImpulsX exchange

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 Sign-up and performing KYC will get you 400 IPX tokens. Referral signing up and performing KYC will get you 250 IPX tokens.


Token trading will be possible from 03/15/2020



ImpulsX exchange is owned by Polaris Universal LTD, a team that owns EurekaX exchange, My passive trade, ERKcoin




Global Order Book is a very cool feature. Normally, when an exchange is launched the liquidity is quite low. ImpulsX will use external order books from big crypto exchanges like OkEx and HitBTC to make sure that trades will go fast and the price of the asset is stable.


The IPX token will have a total stock of 1,000,000,000 tokens.






40% of ImpulsX's net profit will be used to buy IPX tokens from the market and then those tokens will burn. This means that the more they earn, the more IPX tokens will be withdrawn from the market, which in turn means an increase in the price of IPX tokens over time .


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