The U-Rock Network™ is an unique network of music supporters that know great rock music. On the playlist of any of the U-Rock Affiliates you will find great rock overlooked and long forgotten by marketing fads!! On the U-Rock Network™ main feed located at you will hear the best of the best in regular rotation as well as Live programming from around the network.

Rocking The Unheard with the Under Exposed

The U-Rock Network was developed to help the very bands we play in rotation. The Network affiliates are run by individuals who are in the area they are covering, working as a network affiliate to bring you the best from there area. Each affiliate has their own Call-sign and territory. The territory is assigned by the National Association of Digital Broadcasters and the FCC.

Find the Urock Network on all the social networking websites promoting the cause. Join us and Like us or tweet us, Pin Us, just drop a line and share your favorite band for us to check out, remember to catch us on the mobile broadband. You can stream from any device, including Apple’s iTunes and Droid, Tune In Now and Enjoy!

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